Rejected Love

I’m in love

I was sitting by myself alone
And you know that in my room
I don’t have a phone
There was a knock on my door, but I’m not sure
It was her, the girl who treasures me
She said: I love you, do you love me?
I can’t recall if I answered at all

She sat down on my bed: treacherous ground
Her face turned red and didn’t make a sound
She looked at me like a dog that wanted food
I thought to myself “I don’t have a bone”
“But neither of us should have to feel so alone”
I was careful not to say anything rude

I didn’t know if to kiss her
Or if I preferred to miss her
“This is just like some movie from before”,
she said
And she was on a love’s train
But I was in a aeroplane
All we could do was to wave to one another

Silence is a voice of an equal choice
Girl sometimes wish that they were boys
And men they blush when the blood rushes too late

Echo is the voice of bouncing back
A gecko is a lizard and a rat is a rat
A no is a no is a no, I don’t like that

Wanting is a need which wants to defeat
Rejecting which is greed of another need
She looked at me with original sinful eyes
And though the love of spring was in the air
My heart for her refused to care
A lock was there and she couldn’t lock it up

And though for some that night was blessed
The knife of love cut through her chest
For her it was another failure stored in her soul
And love is blind and sometimes a fool
It can be oh do kind, and just as cruel
All I could do was to try to play my role

Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul, save my soul

You gotta save my soul
Come on and save my soul
Save my soul, save my soul
I got to save my soul

About Therese

The most awesome girl in the world!

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