It hurts!

Denna video har spridit sig som en löpeld över Internet senaste dagarna. Jonah Mowry lade upp denna på youtube 1a december. Folk har twittrat, skrivit på facebook, skrivit på bloggar… Jag känner igen mig i hans historia. Ingenting jag vill ta upp nu. Men ja, jag var mobbad till och från under elva år med ett uppehåll i slutet (när jag gick nian på IESG)

Skrev detta häromdagen, efter att jag hade sett videon:

Jag är stark idag. Har insett att det inte är mig det är fel på. Det är de stackars mobbarna. De har det inte lätt.. Att de måste klanka ner på andra för att få självförtroende. Det är synd om dom.

Jag kan inte ångra tiden då jag blev mobbad. Det var inte mitt fel. Det var ingenting jag kunde göra något åt. Jag försöker se det positivt. Det är tack vare mobbarna som jag är den jag är idag. Jag är en otroligt stark tjej nu psykiskt. Tack vare mobbarna så sätter jag mer värde i saker och ting än andra. Jag mår bra idag och kan bara tacka de som tidigare var elaka mot mig.

Jag blir glad när jag läser vad Jonah har skrivit, ett par dagar efter att videon blev offentlig. Det värmer i empatihjärtat.

To all my friends and supporters,
I made this video 4 months ago just before school was about to start. I was 13. It was a very emotionally dark time in my life. I made the video at 4:00am in the morning; I hadn’t been sleeping at night for a long time, too many things going on in my head. I was dreading going back to school and I had not come out to my family yet. Only my closest friends knew. I didn’t know how to say what I needed to say. All I could think about were all the bad things that had been happening at school last year, every year for that matter. I just couldn’t bare to go through that anymore. I was done being fake happy, pretending hateful words didn’t hurt, done hiding it from my family.
So this video was made for my friends that had moved on to High School who were worried for me, to say to them that I was going to take a stand, and to the haters at my middle school that I’m not going anywhere. I am who I am. I posted the video here and told people were to find it. That was it. 
My friends were moved by the video and thought I did something important. I was encouraged to upload it to my Facebook page so more people could see it. Maybe it could help someone else going through the same thing. So I linked it Dec. 1st. My Parents saw it for the first time Dec, 2nd.
Then….. all this happened. 
I never expected in a million years that it would have such a wonderful impact on so many people. I am truly humbled and truly thankful for all the love, encouragement and support from people all over the world. It’s been incredibly overwhelming. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so, so much!
Lastly, yes you have seen me happy in a couple short videos replies I posted; I would think that would be a good thing , and yes I do have friends, my High School friends, and I have made friends because when I came out they realized that they had hurt me and that they fealt sorry. The video is real, and true.
In the last few months everything eventually came out in the open, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders; I’m happy, I’m excepted for who I am, I’m more confident and feel stronger every day.
Thank you all, Love and peace to all who are hurting.
Jonah Mowry

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